[SOLVED] Hibernate on Ubuntu with ASUS A43E

Saturday, April 21, 2012 0 Comments

This afternoon (4.07 PM, GMT +7), I am playing with my ASUS Laptop. This time, I still wonder why this laptop can not hibernate properly. My prob was after clicking hibernate button, it is hibernating like usual, but when the resume time, it just gimme blank screen. And it means, sadly, I've got to hit the power button. So far, I used to just suspend the machine. But I'm not satisfy with just suspend! I need more. Let's say, I've a hibernate button and it's useless. So, what the purpose of it? An accessory? Grrrr.. Don't say this is an April fool, since on my ACER netbook the hibernate works great.

What I dislike of suspend is, it's consuming battery so much.. It's like not different than when it's not suspended. Grrr..

I've been googled in my free time. Do some hacks, based on their solution, till I was bored because still not worked. But then, this day God gimme a way. For you guys, the key is keep searching/ asking.. :)

The Solution

Exactly, I can't post the proper solution here because of the hardware/ others reason. But, here you are, my savior link. Might be it could be useful for you who facing the same issue as me. Just, I dont guarantee  it will work on you. Like I said, depends on your machine spec or other reasons. Just dont give up and keep trying! :)

Note : My OS is exactly Linux Mint 11 'Katya'. But, I called 'Ubuntu' since Mint is its derivative..

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Do you think I forgot to change this text? No, dude. I did it on purpose ahahahay..