English vs Javanese : Which one is interesting?

Saturday, March 24, 2012 0 Comments

It's been a while to me for not updating this blog. Yeah, actually spending 2 hours (at least) of my time is enough for just writing a post. But you might be called me 'a-moody-person', a-quick-change-of-mind-man.

Enough with the apology-thing. This time, I would like to compare English with Javanese. Java is an island in Indonesia, with the most populous island in Indonesia and even the world (based on Java's explanation on wikipedia).

I am a Javanese; and I'd like to share about my language; partial, just for example. I got these phrases from  a post by Arif Setiawan in a group where we both subscribed. Unfortunately, he said if the source is 'compiled from many other sources'.. So, I didn't find yet the original source. But it's not the point. What I'd like to say is the Javanese is much simplier than English! Of course, in this case, it's just for-refreshing-purpose, since I thought these are just Javanese' phrases that difficult to be translated into English with only one word..

So, here they are! Phrases that prove if Javanese is simplier than English..

walk slowly on the edge (side) of the road.

... fall backward and then hit own head

Ugly expressions because of pushing something out (in the toilet)

got hit by a truck that is moving backward
(kunduran trek)

talk too much about unimportant thing

smearing one's body with hot ointment or liquid and then massaging it

going without notice/permission

walking without using anything

taking the longer way to get to the destination

riding an old bicycle

falling/ tripping forward (and may hit own face)

side effect after circumcision

a small, sharp thing embedded inside one's skin
(susuben/ ketlusupen)

spending a lot of time doing nothing

feeling uncomfortable because there is something that smells bad

things getting out from a container accidentally because of gravity

get hit by finger into the eyes

wrong sleep (head) position making the veins become neck pain

get farting from someone

do not have brain in the head
(pekok/ kenthir)

get hit by thing collapsing on top of one's head/ body
(kambrukan/ kembrukan)

drinking straight from the bottle without using glass, where whole bottle tip gets into the mouth

cannot open eyes because something is shining very bright

cannot hold bowel movement

something coming out from one's rear end little by little
(keceret/ kecirit)

hanging on tightly to something in order to be inert
(gondhelan )

falling/ tripping accidentally because of a hole

doing something without thinking about the consequences

being overly active carelessly

feeling unwell because of cold temperature

making too much noise, disturbing other people's sleep

tripping over accidentally caused by wires, cloths, gowns etc.

being alone (or with a companion) in the corner of a place/ room doing something suspicious

pretend to be poor/ no money

feeling dirty/afraid of something

pretend to be homeless, no money and never take shower

a pyroclastic cloud that came out from a volcano
(wedus gembel)

Laughing Out Loud

So..?? Javanese is really much more efficient and simplier than English, isn't it? :D No offence.

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Do you think I forgot to change this text? No, dude. I did it on purpose ahahahay..