Make Touchpad on ASUS Laptop Recognized

Thursday, January 19, 2012 4 Comments

I am almost desperated when talking about touchpad-issue on my ASUS A43E laptop. ASUS, is not using Synaptics anymore (in my laptop and mostly ASUS laptop I heard), replaced by Elantech. And, the common Ubuntu still using synaptics by default. The only problem is, the touchpad become unrecognized, and dumbly recognized as PS/2 Logitech mouse :3

After a few day surfing in-out Ubuntu Forums, blogs and websites, finally today (just now) I found a solution on how to enable touchpad (include multi-tap, two finger scrolling, click on tap etc).

 [How To Section]
  1. sudo apt-get install dkms
  2. cd /usr/src/
  3. sudo wget
  4. sudo tar jxvf psmouse-elantech-v6.tar.bz2
  5. sudo dkms add -m psmouse -v elantech-v6
  6. sudo dkms build -m psmouse -v elantech-v6
  7. sudo dkms install -m psmouse -v elantech-v6
After above operations, just simply reboot your laptop OR, load the modul without restarting laptop by typing sudo rmmod psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse

I got these steps from Ubuntu Forums ( and the steps (as threads and my reference) from Lauchpad's Bug site ( The only problem is to disable touchpad via hotkeys. Damn. The others are working now, but only that thing left unfixed. For a while, I still using this method Enable/ Disable Touchpad on Ubuntu 11.04. But since my touchpad is recognized, I'd like to install an app to enable/ disable it :D

Cotto matte1. I'll write it soon :)

Note :
1 'Wait a moment' in Japanese

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Do you think I forgot to change this text? No, dude. I did it on purpose ahahahay..


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July 14, 2012 at 10:17 AM delete

Did not work for me... Acer Aspire v3-771g

October 27, 2013 at 8:52 AM delete

Actually, it depends on your h/w
btw, I just noticed, if this post has a comment. I didn't get any email notifiations -____-"

April 7, 2014 at 12:10 PM delete

Very informative post. Keep up the good work. I would really look forward to your other posts

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