Pidgin won't connect using wvdial

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 0 Comments

I just wonder why my Pidgin wouldn't connect (and make me online) IF I used wvdial method. I was forced to use web-messenger such as Imo, which support multiple account. I just dislike ebuddy. The interface is annoying.
So I browse the internet and tadaa there are many people like me. But here is the solution :Just type in terminal pidgin -f

That's it. For your inconvenience, just edit the menu and change the command by adding -f.

Option -f here is to force the pidgin to connect to the internet, even if by connection that not recognized by Network Manager. If you wanna know more about the options available, just type info pidgin or man pidgin inside Terminal.


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Do you think I forgot to change this text? No, dude. I did it on purpose ahahahay..