This is my blog

Friday, May 20, 2011 0 Comments

Hello there : This is my blog.
That's it.

Hey! What will I get by knowing this is your blog?
I am not sure. But at least you will know this is my blog.

So what will happen if this is your blog?
Many things could be happen. It's up to me what will happen on my blog.

What the hell.. Just whatever you say, I don't care!
100 point for you. I like you. Umm.. Could you say your name, anyway?

What if this is not your blog anymore?
Great question. But, how dare you ask such question to me? Just ask it to the current owner. Do you think I will take care to things that aren't mine?

Hey, just calm down, ma..
I'll calm down if you just shut up. That's it.

That's it?
Hmm.. Yeah. Can I ask you something? Could you just shut up, please? This is my blog.

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Do you think I forgot to change this text? No, dude. I did it on purpose ahahahay..